Finfox is a free financial modeling and planning tool for startups and small businesses. It allows early stage founders to create financial forecasts for fundraising and business scenario analysis. Finfox is fully integrated with Google Sheets which allows complete flexibility and easy collaboration. Using Finfox can save founders thousands of dollars in CFO consulting costs and countless hours fiddling with generic Excel templates. Learn more at

What it means to work with Finfox

What it means to work with Finfox

Working at Finfox can be an intense and rewarding experience. We wrote a guide that explains what it means.

About Finfox

Finfox helps finance teams automate manual tasks, collaborate with one another, and uncover hidden opportunities in their company data. At Finfox, we are finance geeks, economists, and hackers, with backgrounds spanning countries like Jamaica, Panama, Russia, China, and Pakistan. Our backers include investors in companies like Dropbox and DoorDash, as well as institutions like Harvard and MIT.

We work out of a sunlit office located in the SOMA district of San Francisco. We are currently looking for exceptional individuals to join engineering, design, marketing, and sales roles. 


What it means to be at Finfox

Challenge your boundaries

We are an early stage startup. This means that each person who joins our team makes a direct contribution to our company’s future. We see it as both a privilege and a responsibility. But above all else, it is an opportunity to challenge your boundaries beyond what others expected from you before. If overcoming barriers and pushing your limits is in your blood, we want to talk to you.

Make it about finance

Finance explains how a company functions and performs. Where a company spends its resources defines where it allocates its priorities. When aggregated, the financial data of multiple companies can explain industries and trends. In turn, those trends define entire economies. We use finance data to not only explain company performance but to help us inform our worldview and better understand the world around us.

Figure out how the world works

Building a company is about uncovering broken processes and finding elegant solutions to fix them. At its most fundamental, it means observing patterns in the world around you and going in depth to understand what makes the world work the way it does. To make it at Finfox, you must have an intense sense of curiosity for how the world works.

Express beauty in design

When we look for solutions, we seek thoughtfulness and elegance. When building our product, we strive for expressions of beauty, external and internal. In practice, this means solving a problem in as few steps as possible or thinking though usability and convenience of every feature. Design permeates our culture in every pixel we produce. 

Empathize with others

Some writers write from experience, but those that are great write from empathy. In the same way, you cannot build a great company without an acute sense of empathy for others. Whether you will be writing code or copy, you will be expected to write with empathy. 

Be intellectually open

At Finfox, we value intellectual openness and introspection. We all have biases and assumptions that form how we perceive the world. By using logic and transparency, we challenge our own assumptions every day and give each other feedback. In the process, we strive to mature intellectually and perceive the world with clarity by constantly learning from one another.

Join a family

Joining Finfox is more than joining a company. Together, we get lunch, watch Game of Thrones, and help each other move apartments. We deeply care about each other’s wellbeing and encourage learning and discovery. Being at Finfox will allow you to come up with your best ideas in a family of some of the smartest people you’ve ever met.


If you feel you have what it takes to join us at Finfox, drop us a line to

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